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Tax planning is the investigation of a money related circumstance or plan from a tax perspective. The reason for tax planning is to guarantee charge productivity. We at Mighty Advisors can solve all your issues regarding your Tax, we are a reputed tax consultant firm in Andheri


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The way toward recording your Income Tax Returns in India takes some arrangement. This is the reason the Government allows you four months' window period to incorporate all reports like compensation/pay subtleties, bank explanations, past expense proclamations, and so on In this post, we will examine in insight regarding the archives required for recording Income Tax Returns in India 1 Choosing the applicable ITR form 2 Link Aadhaar with PAN 3 For Salaried Employees 4 Documents related to interest income 5 Form 26AS 6 Section 80 Investments 7 Documents Required to claim the Deductions 8 Other Investment Documents 9 Documents Required for Income Tax Returns Filing Get help in filing ITR in Andheri from the best tax consultants in andheri Call for more info :08042757033


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Mighty Advisors | Tax Advisors in Andheri Professional TAX Registration Professional tax is a state imposed tax and is imposed on income earned by employees on rendering their services. Our Tax Experts will help you get registered under Professional tax without leaving the comfort of your home. Call us for more information 08042757033


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What is RERA Advisory? RERA Advisory is a unique application for the real estate sector, intended to establish an authority that works for the benefit of consumers or buyers in this particular sector. It also reveals important issues that have caused concern in the past, such as the timely delivery of housing projects and the quality of construction. What is the RERA Act? The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, (RERA) came into force on 01 May 2016. The RERA Act was enacted to bring accountability, transparency and trustworthiness to the real estate sector. Due to this Act, it is now mandatory and mandatory not only for all real estate projects but also for real estate intermediaries and agents to register them under this Act. Furthermore, RERA also contains significant ties for non-compliance. Also, all parties are now given various legal rights, i.e. access to the appropriate authorities to resolve grievances in case of any non-compliance. What are the objectives of the RERA Act? The primary objective of RERA 2016 is to build trust and confidence in all stakeholders, whether real estate buyers, developers or promoters. The following is a list of important objectives of RERA: Establishment of a regulatory authority called the Real Estate Regulatory Authority for the regulation and administration of real estate. Bringing transparency, accountability and grievance redressal mechanism in the real estate sector. Properly protect and secure buyers. Verification of the authenticity, professionalism and authenticity of promoters, developers and real estate agents, not just in the relevant real estate project. Minimize unnecessary delays in project approval and project submission etc. Establishment of an appeal mechanism for grievance redressal machinery. To build trust in the real estate sector Imposing ties and imprisonment on those who fail.


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Mighty Advisors | ESIC Registration Benefits of ESI Registration - Under the ESI Act, all employees of a company holding ESI Registration are provided with the following advantages: Medical Advantages: Every registered person and his family get complete medical care. Advantages in case of Sickness: 70% of the salary is payable for a maximum of 81 days in a year in case of certified sicknesses. Furthermore, in the case of long-term disease, 80% of the salary is payable for a period of 2 years. Maternity Benefits 3 months of maternity benefits are provided to a pregnant woman working in an entity. Also, this period can be extended up to 30 days in case it is medically advised. Disablement Compensation 90% of the wage is payable by the employer if the worker is permanently disabled. Additionally, in case of death within the premises of the employment area, then the dependents of the deceased person are paid 90% of the salary every month.


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Mighty Advisors | ITR Filing in Andheri Documents Required for Filing ITR Return - It is important to have all the relevant documents handy before you start your e-filing process. Bank and post office savings account passbook, PPF account passbook Salary slips Aadhar Card, PAN card Form-16- TDS certificate issued to you by your employer to provide details of the salary paid to you and TDS deducted on it, if any Interest certificates from banks and post office Form-16A, if TDS is deducted on payments other than salaries such as interest received from fixed deposits, recurring deposits etc. over the specified limits as per the current tax laws Form-16B from the buyer if you have sold a property, showing the TDS deducted on the amount paid to you Form-16C from your tenant, for providing the details of TDS deducted on the rent received by you, if any Form 26AS - your consolidated annual tax statement. It has all the information about the taxes deposited against your PAN a) TDS deducted by your employer b) TDS deducted by banks c) TDS deducted by any other organisations from payments made to you d) Advance taxes deposited by you e) Self-assessment taxes paid by you Tax saving investment proofs Proofs to claim deductions under section 80D to 80U (health insurance premium for self and family, interest on education loan) Home loan statement from bank


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Mighty Advisors | In Andheri Tax planning is a fundamental piece of a money related arrangement. Decrease of expense risk and amplifying the capacity to add to retirement plans are essential for progress. Help to reduce your tax legal way Tax Consultancy & Planning Service In Andheri Call for an appointment 08042757033


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Mighty Advisors | In Andheri Tax Audit is an assessment or audit of records of any business or calling completed by citizens from a personal expense perspective. Income Tax Audit Service in Andheri CALL FOR MORE INFO: 08042757033


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Mighty Advisors | In Andheri Personal Assistant for Tax Compliances in Andheri Our Team is committed to Conveying Tax Compliance Services, Tax Consulting Services, while Satisfying the Higher Guidelines Regularly required by Major Worldwide Gatherings. Call Us 08042757033


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Mighty Advisors | In Andheri Do you Know How to File TDS Return? For More Call Us 080427 57033